iCal: “just works” (does it chuff)….

iCal Helper.png

I have iCal set to automatically alert me 5 minutes before any events that I create.

On the whole, this works out fine, but ‘all day’ events are a pain in the arse.

Sure, 12am is technically the start of the day, but I seldom want to be alerted to the fact that I’m supposed to be doing something important (or, more likely, not doing something important) at 11.55pm the day before.

I can define what I consider to be ‘the day’ in preferences – set at 7am–11pm; now that that’s set, why not use it to define the time (6.55am) at which to alert me to the fact that there’s nothing of any interest happening in my life?

Huh? Apple?

In other news, try Test Match Sofa for some irreverent alternative commentary on The Ashes; it’s the least depressing option.


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