Border-radii, IE, ayeeee!

I might have to make a new, more esoteric, category for this blog.

Increasingly, I find myself writing something, then thinking that it doesn’t really fit the arbitrarily pre-defined (noise/street art/bullshit) bill, before promptly deleting it.

As I was applying cross-browser border-radius image tag selector support to my WordPress custom CSS (feeling contentedly smug as I so did), I thought it apposite to give this hitherto pent-up geek-streak a voice.

Yep, I’m dabbling with a two-colum view. I’m not yet sure whether to keep the ghost in the first column, or assign it its own div. The preponderance of people 1. checking blogs on mobile devices and 2. not giving a shit about this blog, will almost certainly render my efforts ultimately pointless.


I digress.

With regard to my CSS3 (border-radius) venture, I then thought, ‘what if someone is looking at this blog in Internet Explorer ≤9’ (release number, not age), before promptly going on to think, ‘fuck anyone who’s looking at this blog in Internet Explorer ≤9; they’re probably a dick’.

Of course, this will involve inaugurating another Pac-Man ghost into the fold, which, given my abject ineptitude with colours, could prove taxing.

If anyone has any suggestions, a hex code would be most welcome (preferably a ‘safe’ one; I’m doing my best to practice safe hex… I said, I’m doing my best to practice safe…. Is this on? Oh FORGET IT!)

Filed under ‘Nonsense’, because there’s (currently) nowhere else for it to go. The boss is out of the office tomorrow though….

Edit: turns out -moz-border-radius doesn’t work for img tags, so I have been a little unfair with my IE ire.


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