Which Circle of Hell is This?


In the end, I did get a ticket for the Lazarides-curated Hell’s Half Acre show in the Old Vic Tunnels, yesterday evening.

I had nothing better to do (short of get increasingly frustrated with my racist housemate), so I traded one hell for another. The second was infinitely superior.

That said, it struck me that there was a fair bit of filler; I don’t remember Dante envisioning that many lazy video installations in his Inferno.

I’m not going to complain, mind; I got to see an Original Vhils piece – ‘Bernie Made Off’ (Made Off…. Madoff… MadeOffMadoff.



As a bonus, Team Robbo were spraying up a wall or two as I left out of Leake Street tunnel. One of them piped up, “Oi – we keep it real, yeah? The streets”. I managed to resist the urge to ask, “are you the Robbo of Banksy fame? I like Banksy, he’s good – you should try doing more stuff like he does.”

All set for Moniker tomorrow, and I’m sure I’m going to dig it.

hellvetica? It's a pun – hell.... Oh, forget it


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