Quidquid latine dictum sit, altum sonatur, yeah?


This could (doubtless already has) become quite tedious. Thinking about it, I don’t reckon I’ve been impressed by long shutter release photos since I was about seven. Still, I’ve never had the capacity to make it work myself, so now that I can, I’m going to bore anyone who cares (or – infinitely more likely – is masochistic/accident-prone enough to be reading this) with my efforts. I’m all the more happy that I’ve made it work on a point-and-shoot job (admittedly, quite a fancy one).

Definitely looks like I’m about to fellate a bed post, dunnit?

I’ve just learned that the word, ‘fellatio’, derives from the Latin, ‘to suck’ (fellare), not (as I would have guessed, if pushed) the Greek, phallos (penis). Every day’s a school day.


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